“Consider Dr. Veronica Abney as your trusted and competent consultant in all matters of church administration leadership issues. Her role as administrator for the Salem Baptist Church of Chicago and her previous business world experience gives her administrative skills to be envied by many of her peers. She has, as a valued staff member of a church with thousands of members, the necessary skills to help your congregation and staff with issues you face today and in your near future.”

Dr. John N. Vaughan, President Church Growth Today

“Dr. Abney exhibits professionalism, enthusiasm, excellence and love for the Lord. I have witness her devotion to serving God with her heart, soul strength, and mind. She has already made a great contribution to the kingdom’s work but has only just begun in her quest to help churches excel in their service to God. ”

Dr. Judy Stamey, Church Consultant and Author, SBCBAA-Hall of Honor Recipient, Retired Minister and Adjunct Professor

“Dr. Abney exhibited the highest level of integrity in our organization over the past 20 years. She has a unique understanding of not only the church but the business behind the church. I have entrusted Veronica to oversee our staff and contractors. Dr. Abney has been an integral part of building relationships within our congregation and amongst staff members. We pray for her continued success.”

Rev. James T. Meeks, Senior Pastor, Salem Baptist Church of Chicago